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EdiZONE's Technologies

EdiZONE has been recognized worldwide as a leader in today's advancement of technologies. EdiZONE has more than 35 patents covering more than 13 technologies, with many more pending. From large corporations to small businesses, EdiZONE's technologies have been used in millions of products worldwide, many of which you've seen and - if you've tried them -- you love.

For proprietary reasons, we can't list all of our available technologies here. Contact us for information on other technologies. In particular, EdiZONE has a number of advanced cushioning technologies which are only available to prequalified prospective licensees after entering into a non-disclosure agreement.


One of our most sought after technologies is Intelli-Gel®. You will find this is in or has been in or is being developed to be in many products including beds, shoe inserts, toys, golf bags, back packs, pillows, medical equipment, and more. Intelli-Gel's® greatest characteristic is to offer firm support to whatever is resting on it, while buckling away locally to relieve the pressure hot spots. Intelli-Gel has a much longer life than other traditional cushioning products and there are many licensing opportunities still available for this technology.


In addition to being lighter weight than other gel cushioning technologies, Ortho-Gel's™ greatest characteristic is to offer firm support to whatever is resting on it, while buckling away locally to relieve the pressure hot spots. Ortho-Gel™ has quickly become a favorite by bigger companies such as Natura. Ortho-Gel weighs less than Intelli-Gel® due to a strong lightweight material encapsulated in the gel. Ortho-Gel is available for license in many areas and in many fields of use.


Perhaps one of EdiZONE's greatest achievements, Multi-Cell™ (a multiple-chambered air technology for beds, cushions, etc.) is bound to give the serious edge to its licensees. Unlike traditional air chamber technologies, Multi-Cell™ is designed to fully give way under pressure hot spots, leaving the user in a much more comfortable sleeping or sitting opsition while being firm under broad areas such as the back.

Flavor Tape

Flavor Tape

Gelastic™ & DuraGel™

Gelastic™ & DuraGel™ (two separate technologies) are advanced solid elastomeric gel technologies which can be molded into an infinite number of products. You'll find EdiZONE's gel technologies all over the world and in many well known products and businesses. Gelastic™ & DuraGel™ both have the unique ability to stretch to more than a dozen times their original length without breaking, yet be molded to allow near-fluid-like flow as a solid. These unique gel elastomers are stronger than competing gels, have less permanent set in compressive situations, and are much less tacky than other gels.

Flavor Tape

EdiZONE has developed an edible tape which dissolves on the tongue for a high-power flavor burst. In the past, this tape has been sold in children's toy dispensers. This technology has many potential uses in mass-market products.


EdiZONE's X-Gel™ is a multi-layered gel technology which greatly increases circulation and pressure relief. Currently being developed by one of EdiZONE's sister licensees as a shoe insert, this technology has many potential uses. It packs a great deal of advanced cushioning into a very thin cushion.

Photographic Quality Images in Plastic

EdiZONE has developed a unique process in which they can imprint photographic images into hard plastic film. All areas are still available for licensing, from permanentization/waterproofing of scrappingbooking pages to promotional products to awards, and other sky's-the-limit applications Patented.


Floam™/Z-Flo™ (referred hereafter simply as Floam™) has made big marks in the medical community for its ability to form to the human body and effectively relieve pressure and shear. Floam™ is a bladderized self-molding fluid foam compound which has many and future applications both in the medical field and in the comfort industry.

EdiZONE has many other technologies which are not listed here for proprietary reasons. If you have further needs (or hopes) in cushioning, bedding, toy development, etc., contact us to see what we can do for you.