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Custom Inventing

EdiZONE routinely invents, patents, and develops products for its customers to produce and take to market. EdiZONE is usually compensated with a licensing fee and royalties on products the customer sells. EdiZONE sometimes assists customers in setting up their won manufacturing. EdiZONE frequently helps customers find a domestic or offshore manufacturer to supply licensed products.

EdiZONE also accepts assignments from customers to invent solutions and develop a product or product line. Customer requirements can range from problem to a relatively undefined idea to a specific description of what the product should be and how it should work to a description of a market segment that the customers wishes to dominate. EdiZONE’s compensation for these development assignments comprises a royalty and either a licensing fee or compensation for time and expenses. We are able to complete development assignments very quickly because we have our own machine shop, plastic molding equipment, and other prototyping equipment – all operated by innovative people who think outside the box every day. We have a plethora of outside resources when we need something we don’t have in house.

As an example of our warp speed development, a toy company who was not yet a customer asked us if we could convert our Intelli-Gel® technology into a small ball. Speed was of the essence because the toy company had a meeting with one of their major customers in a couple of weeks. EdiZONE created a prototype injection mold containing dozens of cores, molded the gel parts, adjusted the gel formulations, molded more gel parts, and sent parts to the toy company within 72 hours of receiving the assignment. This initial product itself sold in the millions of dollars. The product line developed around the technology, largely by EdiZONE, sold many millions of dollars more. Contrast the time and cost of this to the usual half a year to a year of development on most products requiring an injection mold.

We do not claim that we can turn your idea into a product in three days every time, but there are many times we have done so. We are fast because we use unconventional methods and because that is the only way we work.

Contact us with your needs. Opening a discussion is always free.

(A note to individual inventors: Sorry, but we do not help people patent or market their inventions. We help established companies with new products designed by or with EdiZONE.)